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See video on tooth anatomy .  Lean why you  need to understand the role you teeth, gums and bone  play in your good health
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At what age must your child first visit the dentist?
Happy children gain from a visit and learn early in life  how to look after their oral health
Basic skills on brushing goes a long way to reducing the effect of wrong brushing on teeth and gums
Make your children's "Dental Visit"  something to look forward to
Children learn fast in a supportive environment  - we make this happen
Desensitise children so they learn goo habits that enable them to take care of their own teeth , gums and general oral heath
At what age must your child first visit the dentist?
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At what age must your child first visit the dentist?

Gum disease doesn't hurt! It just creeps in... and causes tooth loss

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We provide our patients a comprehensive package of oral health services. Prevention is our focus, so why wait till it hurts? We have broadened our range of services to treat the whole family.  We also offer treatment plans to suit our patient's needs, including aesthetic dentistry. The recall appointment includes screening for potential gum disease and early decay with emphasis on prevention.
For toddlers and children, early diagnosis and intervention orthodontic treatment during their formative years could avoid complex orthodontic treatment in their later years.
Patients on medication are more prone to dental disease. Closely monitored care and early diagnosis could help avoid complex dental treatment as they get older.
When their teeth first erupt!
Invisible Braces
Before Composite build-up
After Composite build-up
Implants replace teeth, maintain bone, prevents addtional tooth loss and sunken face look - making you look and feel younger!
Grinding and clenching of teeth cause havoc with  you quality of life - make sure you manage it before it reduces your quality of life
One sitting makeovers - help you  recover from years of neglect and returns some of your good looks
Neglect results in discomfort and hurts your quality of life
Bruxing & Grinding Wear

Gordon Dental Practice focuses on
Family dental care. Our experience enables us to treat different age groups from toddlers to seniors. We practice general dentistrywith a focus on prevention and good case management;  Childrens' dentistry ensures that all children, including toddlers and teens, are given the best care possible focused on prevention and early intervention, whilst they are in their formative years, so they grow up knowing how to maintain a perfect set of teeth; Our expertise in Periodontia targets gum disease and makes bleeding gums & tooth lossa thing of the past! We offer sports dentistry options, dietary advice, prevention of sports injury using appropriately designed mouthguards, in team colours, shows your support and protects your teeth! Our expertise in 50+ Dentistry ensures you maintain what you have, renews your smile and maintains your quality of life with the least amount of effort using composites or full & partial dentures, made from materials right for you. We also do cosmetic dentistry to improve the good looks associated with your smile with options such as veneerscrown and bridge work, to recreate lost tooth structures that improve aesthetics and the function of your teeth, essential to maintaining your quality of life. We treat crooked teeth and a poor bite with orthodontics appliances that are painless and if required unobtrusive. We evaluate your bone structure to ensure we can provide you long term solutions like Implants that replace missing teeth and look, feel and function like natural teeth so you can chew without pain and where no adjoining teeth are damaged, improving your appearance and self confidence. You can renew your smile quickly with "Instant MakeOver" composite veneers and teeth whitening to ensure that teeth are what they should be, white!  Oral medicine expertise helps us treat issues such as Xerestomia, dry mouth disease, ulcers, salivary condition, etc factors that are extremely necessary to treat before they become a problem. Snoring appliances help sleep deprived patients overcome some aspects of sleep apnoea. Our Infection Control processes surpass industry standards and is by far the most important aspect our practice we promote because today cross infection risks are extremely high and are of concern to all patients. Specialist Referrals are provided when advanced care is best for you. Prevention is our focus - so why wait till it hurts!!

Dr. Marion D'Souza                       & Associates                        
B.D.S (Adel), D.P.H. Dent. (Syd)                
Our relocated state of the art Oral Health Care Service, has been serving the community for 40years in Gordon. Our family friendly practice treats all age groups and understands that they each have different disease patterns. Our vast experience enables us to make accurate diagnosis and develop appropriate treatment plans to give our patients the best possible care that works towards delivering the best possible outcomes. Our team will continue to develop the range of services so that our existing and new patients are treated using modern equipment in an environment that is operated at the highest possible infection control compliance.

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